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Yeti. Tiger. Dragon. (Daniel Braum)


'Yeti. Tiger. Dragon.' presents three cryptozoology-themed tales from strange stories author Daniel Braum:

+ The Yeti's Hand
+ Hunting the Tasmanian Tiger
+ The Water Dragon

"The Yeti's Hand" was previously printed as a limited chapbook in 2004, and "Hunting the Tasmanian Tiger" appeared in print magazine Dark Recesses in 2008. This will be the first appearance of "The Water Dragon," whose egg can be seen on the cover.

All copies will be signed by Daniel Braum! Includes cover and three interior illustrations from Emily Mintz, and an introduction from Rudi Dornemann. 100 pages. Comes with 6" x 9" print of cover art. Limited to 150 copies.

Daniel Braum spins a unique blend of speculative fiction that effortlessly blends fantasy, science fiction and horror and mysticism in every verse. Braum’s multi-dimensional characters are drawn into dark worlds of spiritualism where concepts of advanced science collide with magic realism to investigate the unexplainable at the edges of civilization. Defying conventional categorization his work thrives in the grey area between many genres. His stories have appeared in a diverse group of places including Cemetery Dance, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, and Electric Velocipede. His first short story collection is The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales. His first novel will be released in 2017.

Emily Mintz is a New York City-based artist, illustrator and fabricator. Her work focuses on the intersection of the natural sciences and the human condition, with equal touches of insight, affection, whimsy and grotesqueness. Through her art she highlights the importance of conservation and the lasting effects humanity and nature have upon one another. She is a freelance animal drawing/sculpting artist and instructor at the American Museum of Natural History and an exhibit artist and fabricator for the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo.


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