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Grass (Anya Martin)


"Sheila never wanted to see her ex-husband again, so she was neither prepared nor happy when she had to identify his body after a plane crash in the South Georgia marshes. She was even less prepared for what followed her home from the morgue."

After writing stories for a number of anthologies, 'Grass' is Anya Martin's debut solo publication, a truly strange story of weird swampy love and loss and sex and death.

Includes full wrap-around cover and three interior illustrations by Jeanne D'Angelo. 106 pages. Comes with 6" x 9" print of front cover art. Limited to 150 copies.

Anya Martin was weaned on Friday Night Frights, has always rooted for the monster, and regrets abandoning her earliest career aspiration—digging for dinosaurs. She's also half-Finnish, likes punk rock with a heavy side of blues and experimental jazz, has a degree in anthropology, cooks dangerously hot curries, earns her living as a journalist and abides in Atlanta. Her fiction also appears in such anthologies and magazines as Eternal Frankenstein, Cthulhu Fhtagn!, Giallo Fantastique, Cassilda's Song, Xnoybis #2, Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond, Borderlands 6, Mantid and Womanthology: Heroic. Find out more at

Jeanne D'Angelo is an illustrator living and working in Philadelphia, PA. Influenced by folklore, mythology, magic, nature and pop cultural gloom & nonsense with a love of obsessive detail and saturated color. Her website is


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