Looming Low Volume I (E-book)

  • Looming Low Volume I (E-book)
  • Looming Low Volume I (E-book)

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Looming Low Volume I is the first anthology from Dim Shores. 26 brand-new stories in different shades of weird, all with a dark soul.


Kurt Fawver — “The Convexity of Our Youth”
A.C. Wise — “The Stories We Tell About Ghosts”
Michael Wehunt — “In Canada”
Brian Evenson — “The Second Door”
Daniel Mills — “The Christiansen Deaths”
Betty Rocksteady — “Dusk Urchin”
Livia Llewellyn — “The Gin House, 1935”
Damien Angelica Walters — “This Unquiet Space”
Sunny Moraine — “We Grope Together, and Avoid Speech”
Brooke Warra — “Heirloom”
Lucy A. Snyder — “That Which Does Not Kill You”
Simon Strantzas — “Doused by Night”
Kaaron Warren — “We Are All Bone Inside”
Lisa L. Hannett — “Outside, a Drifter”
Kristi DeMeester — “The Small Deaths of Skin and Plastic”
Scott Nicolay — “When the Blue Sky Breaks”
Craig Laurance Gidney — “Mirror Bias”
Anya Martin — “Boisea trivittata”
Michael Cisco — “Rock n’ Roll Death Squad”
S.P. Miskowski — “Alligator Point”
Jeffrey Thomas — “Stranger in the House”
Christopher Slatsky — “SPARAGMOS”
Richard Gavin — “Banishments”
Michael Griffin — “The Sound of Black Dissects the Sun”
Nadia Bulkin — “Live Through This”
Gemma Files — “Distant Dark Places”

Edited by Justin Steele and Sam Cowan
Cover art by Yves Tourigny

LOOMING LOW VOLUME I was voted Anthology of the Year in the 2017 This Is Horror Awards and was a finalist in the Edited Anthology category for the Shirley Jackson Awards. Three individual stories were also nominated in the Short Fiction category at the Shirley Jackson Awards, and one of those stories, “The Convexity of Our Youth” by Kurt Fawver, won.


"…What emerges is a kind of snapshot of the field as it is continuing to develop, with continuities emerging between the writers who have been tilling its soil for the past couple of decades and those more newly arrived. It’s a convincing argu­ment for the overall health of the genre, as well as a showcase for some of its best talent."
- John Langan, Locus

"…[O]ne of the great strengths of the collection as a whole is that the majority of the tales are wholly weird but at the same time wonderfully told, compelling stories, and will likely appeal just as much to those new to weird fiction."
- Kev Harrison, This Is Horror

"…There is an unplanned theme at work in many of these stories, a melancholy sadness that creeps and crawls in the shadows cast. A sense of loss that is palpable and human to be felt in nearly all of them. It's truly a wonderful gathering of the freshest voices in weird fiction. It would make an amazing starter kit for those looking to dip their toes in the pool of this type of story. But dip quick, there are things in these waters that bite."
- John Boden, Ginger Nuts of Horror