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Dim Shores Presents Volume 1 (E-book)

  • Dim Shores Presents Volume 1 (E-book)

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Dim Shores Presents is a new anthology series spotlighting some of the best new writing in speculative fiction. Weird horror, strange science fiction, and dark fantasy rub shoulders with each other here, weaving a tapestry of uncanny beauty and fearful wonder.

This is the table of contents for Volume 1:

Christopher Burke - "Many Lives Theory"
Jane Sand - "Vacui"
Chiara Nova - "Walls of White"
Richard Staving - "Silver Bells and Cockle Shells"
Paul L. Bates - "Used Clothes"
Jonathan Raab - "Observer/Experiencer"
Anna Tambour - "The Divorce of Death and Pestilence"
Samuel M. Moss - "Gallaher Calls"
Victoria Dalpe - "The Rider"
Eric Schaller - "A Study in Abnormal Physiology"
Jen Downes - "Root and Branch"
Jake Marley - "Anemone"
Jess Landry - "I Will Find You, Even in the Dark"

A trade paperback edition is also available on this web store, and through The Book Depository, Powells, Bookshop.org, Amazon, and the other usual online booksellers.