Different Faces (Rory Say)



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Different Faces, a mini-collection by Rory Say, with cover art by Karmazid.

This book presents five stories from a rising voice in the weird/horror field, Rory Say. Liminal space, isolation, tragedy, surreal folk horror—all are amply represented. Three reprints, two original stories** :

1. "Farrow"
2. "The Other Door"
3. "Porlock’s Last Picture" **
4. "The Penitent" **
5. "The Different Face"

Rory Say is a Canadian, Vancouver-based short fiction writer whose work tends toward the dark, strange, and speculative. His stories have appeared in an array of print journals, e-zines, chapbooks, anthologies, as well as podcasts. This is his first mini-collection, and he is grateful and indebted to the editors and artists who helped make it possible. Read more by visiting his website: rorysay.com

Karmazid is a 42 year old illustrator from Germany mostly working with black ink on paper. Mostly known for death, devils and dragons his works often also include cancerous bodily transformations and betentacled Eldritch abominations.

76 pages. Limited edition of 150 copies.

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