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Luminous Body (Brooke Warra) SJA Reprint



In recognition of Brooke's Shirley Jackson Award, we decided to print a second edition of Luminous Body as well as an e-book edition. The color on the cover text is slightly different, and Brooke wrote a new acknowledgement, but the story is the same as ran in the original edition. Note, this edition is not limited nor hand-numbered, and does not come with a cover art print.

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LUMINOUS BODY chapbook (52 pages)

Pregnancy, motherhood, and family through a cosmic body horror lens. It's hard to synopsize this story without giving too much away but please don't let that deter you. Emotionally charged and grounded while engaging with original and decidedly weird territory. Brooke makes her characters very human and eminently recognizable in a short space, setting the stage for a dark and surreal story that moves me (a happily childless middle-aged guy) to tears every time I read it.

Chapbook written by Brooke Warra, author of the stand-out story "Heirloom" in the Dim Shores anthology Looming Low Volume I. Featuring art by Brooke's daughter Zoe Liegh.

Brooke Warra grew up in a deep, dark wood where she developed a taste for the macabre. She is the author of horror and weird fiction stories, and the owner of The Naked Wytch, an artisan bath and body shop. Her work has appeared in various magazines, podcasts, and other outlets such as Looming Low from Dim Shores and The Wicked Library. Her story "I Feel Better Now" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2018 after appearing in Vastarien: A Literary Journal. She lives and writes with her husband and children in the Pacific Northwest. Find out more about Brooke and her work at

Zoe Liegh is a surrealism artist living in Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently available for collaborations and comissions, find out more about her on instagram at @xoeie.

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