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Coffle (Gemma Files)

  • Coffle (Gemma Files)
  • Coffle (Gemma Files)
  • Coffle (Gemma Files)
  • Coffle (Gemma Files)

COFFLE tells the story of Ardenne, an escaped slave who leads other slaves across the blasted danger zone The Patch to freedom in the Rim-towns, if they can survive the journey. Remnants of technology, ancient magic, and the universal desire to live free collide in a thrilling trek to freedom or death.

Gemma Files’ story and Stephen Wilson’s art (cover, three interiors) come together for this high-octane tale of a tragic future and the very human figures that populate it.


+ Chapbook (72 pages)
+ 6x9 print of the cover art
+ Bookmark with Stephen Wilson art and a Dim Shores checklist
+ Random Dim Shores Artist Series sticker

Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. In stock and shipping.

Formerly a film critic, journalist, screenwriter and teacher, Gemma Files has been an award-winning horror author since 1999. She has published two collections of short work (Kissing Carrion and The Worm in Every Heart), two chap-books of speculative poetry, a Weird Western trilogy (the Hexslinger series—A Book of Tongues, A Rope of Thorns, and A Tree of Bones), a story-cycle (We Will All Go Down Together: Stories of the Five-Family Coven) and a stand-alone novel (Experimental Film, which won the 2016 Shirley Jackson Award for Best Novel and the 2016 Sunburst award for Best Adult Novel). All her works are available through ChiZine Productions. She has two upcoming story collections from Trepidatio Publishing (Spectral Evidence and Drawn Up From Deep Places), and one from Cemetery Dance (Dark Is Better).

Stephen Wilson is an illustrator originally from New York now living in Minneapolis, MN. His work showcases ideas related to esoteric mysticism and chaos magick through the lens of existential dread. He's worked with a number of clients within the underground black and death metal music scene, and recently has been featured in James Frey's second "Endgame" novel.